Definition of card: A pass entitles an individual to board a bus, train, airplane, or a different mode of transportation.

Understanding the Card

A card is a device that is possibly used as a communication device or a way of transport. The cards comprise of various materials, each kind having different applications. These cards were used by all people, especially by sailors when they were around sea and in port, to communicate with other boats and individuals. From now onthese cards became part of life, though they are no more being used.

Definition Of Card

Definition of cardA pass entitles someone to board a bus, train, plane, or a different mode of transportation. Card can also be referred to as cash, ticket, voucher, fare, discount ticket, move charge card or ticket. The usage of a card has been prohibited in most countries since early 2000s, since the credit card business has been on the brink of bankruptcy due to the bad management of some card issuers.

What You Need to Learn about a Charge Card

A credit card comes with an identification feature that helps a bank or company to ascertain a individual's identity, allowing them to confirm their financial transactions. A credit card, also called a bankcard or prepaid card card, can be used to purchase goods from any retail shop and is generally secured with a password or security code. A credit card may also be used in ATM machines, for purchases in online shops, and for internet payments.
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